When the Owners Are Away, the Pets Will Play

Arrange for dog boarding services in Holden, ME

Leaving your pet behind when you go on vacation can be a difficult thing to do. Except when your dog LOVES to go to Uncommon Dog! Uncommon Dog provides dog boarding services in Holden, ME. Private bedrooms where your dog can relax, sleep and eat. They'll also have supervised play time with other pups, so they can get not just exercise but their needs for mental stimulation met too

Our pet boarding facility is climate-controlled, so your pup will be comfortable during their stay. Multi-pet families can also take advantage of our family rooms. Book our services when you call 207-745-8519 today.

What can your pup expect during their stay?

When it comes to our dog boarding services, we aim to give our pups the stay of a lifetime. When your furry friend stays with us, they'll:

  • Exercise including group play with owner request and a successful evaluation
  • Regular meals just the way you make it at home! We can do special diets, call us to discuss
  • Cozy, fresh clean bedding

We have freezer and refrigerator space for fresh items. We can scoop out your kibble or canned product to your exact specifications. Please do not send individually bagged meals for dry kibble. It creates a lot of terrible for the planet trash when we can easily and accurately measure out from the original bag it comes in or a smaller reusable type of container.

What should I bring?
Own food if you would like. Favorite toys and chews are welcome. Medications your pet needs for their stay. We do not need bowls (we have many and they are picked up for washing after every meal), we have plenty of measuring cups. We do not accept bedding from home, we have many types and it's changed daily for fresh. Please do not bring peanut / peanut butter items as we have staff with allergies.